Anggota DPRD Lampung Fraksi Golkar Dialog dengan Puluhan Petani


LAMTIM (LV) – During the second phase of the recess, members of the Lampung DPRD from the Golkar faction held a dialogue with dozens of farmers in Labuhan Ratu V Village, Labuhan Ratu District, East Lampung, at Omah Kayu Jembatan Kuning, Sunday (11/6/2023).

Apart from hearing farmers’ complaints about the scarcity of fertilizer, Ali Imron also invited farmers to develop compost fertilizer so that farmers do not depend on subsidized fertilizer.

On that occasion, the farmers were immediately invited to learn together to make compost fertilizer. The farmers were enthusiastic when agricultural expert Prayitno taught them how to make good compost.

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Imron said that the scarcity of fertilizer must be overcome by farmers together. Therefore, said Imron, farmers need to unite to organize by forming farmer groups.

“The farmer groups can work together to make compost, so it’s usually cheaper,” said Imron.

According to Imron, compost made by farmers themselves is a solution to the problem of fertilizer scarcity which farmers often complain about.

“Today’s learning process together is just the initial stage. In the future we will learn more together. I, God willing, am ready to accompany the farmers here. “Not only does it help with Pc Games Free download fertilizer problems, but also other problems related to agriculture and village problems,” he said.

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Meanwhile, Prayitno, a mentor who is known as an expert in cultivating soil using microbial materials, revealed the importance of good planting so that agricultural yields are maximized.

According to Prayit, compost will stimulate maximum plant root growth.

“If the roots can develop well, wide and deep, then the plants will grow well. The condition for plants to be fertile is that the soil must be loose. “To make the soil loose, we need compost,” he said. (ang)

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